Treating 5 Types Of Anxiety With CBD

CBD For AnxietyAnxiety may be the most common mental disorder, but it is actually generic, meaning that there are 5 types of it. CBD for anxiety is already proven to be useful for this issue, but most studies and researches have been focused on general application.

We will try to explain why and how effective the CBD oil is versus all types of anxiety. In addition, it is possible that a single person suffers from one or two types, while some can have almost all of the types!

CBD for anxiety: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

CBD For AnxietyGeneralized Anxiety Disorder or commonly known as GAD is the most common type of this issue. It affects millions of people all across the planet and it is characterized by an inability to be relaxed and literally worrying about the future or something else.

Medications used to be the only solution here. But, in recent years several studies have confirmed that CBD oil is actually better. In reality, it is extremely popular and successful treatment which completely eliminates the symptoms of GAD and eventually cures the anxiety completely.

Pure CBD oil for sale which you can find online is actually suitable for this type of anxiety. It is also safe to use and it acts in the same way as antidepressants such as Zoloft or etc. In general, the oil will promote serotonin levels and boost the brain regeneration of the hypothalamus (commonly known as a cure for depression and anxiety).

Fighting OCD with CBD

CBD For AnxietyOCD stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and it isn’t a separate disorder. It is another type of anxiety. Individuals suffering from this issue simply MUST complete their rituals at the specific time. For example, a person will have to wash his hands specifically 3 times, open and close doors 3 times and say the same word 3 times.

When he or she is unable to complete the ritual, severe anxiety will occur! Some of them are proficient in concealing these issues while others simply cannot. It is advised not to judge them or try to talk them out of doing it.

CBD oil is useful here as well. According to a study, conducted in Brazil, this oil will simply suppress the need to do these actions. It was tested on mice, who, after they got a dose, stopped completing the same actions over and over again. After that, the study was performed on humans and the same results were provided. Best CBD oil for anxiety will provide the first results within a matter of days.

Panic Disorder: Severe type of anxiety

CBD oil for anxiety also treats panic disorder. This is a more severe type of anxiety which is characterized by pain in the chest, faster breathing, and sweating. During which a person will feel severe fear, without any obvious reason. Panic attacks affect women 2 times more often than men and in the United States, 6 million people suffer from them.

CBD oil has been incredibly successful in this matter. First and foremost, it acts like a sedative (in larger dosages) meaning that it will relax and calm an individual. Even more importantly, when taken daily, it will maintain the calmness of a person.

There were several studies conducted with this, a specific type of anxiety and all of them proved that the oil actually works. None of the side effects have been noticed, nor in animals nor in men.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and CBD oil

PTSD is more commonly known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which is defined as a severe disorder caused by a terrifying situation which occurred. The most common situations which cause this disorder are combats, assaults, and accidents. Sadly, a PTSD attack can occur at any given moment and they are more difficult to detect than other types of anxiety.

Here we can see another issue. While patients suffering from other types of anxiety can get medications which will help them, those with PTSD can’t! There are no medications which can treat this disorder. It is believed that it also affects human personality more than other types of anxiety.

CBD for anxiety and PTSD is of a huge importance. It is capable of restoring the natural balance in the body, which will directly eliminate the symptoms of the PTSD. If you are wondering how it actually works, you should know that all humans have anandamide compounds in the body.

This compound helps us with emotions, something which is affected in the case of anxiety. Now you will want to ask where to buy CBD oil question.

CBD for anxiety, more precisely for PTSD reacts by increasing the levels of anandamide. As such, it is fully capable of suppressing the symptoms of the anxiety, even of the PTSD and finally solve the main issue here.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder is better known as social phobia. In essence, individuals suffer from fear when they are surrounded by other people or when they are in some, ordinary situations.

Some individuals use the hemp oil CBD only before the public speeches. In reality, social phobia may limit people not to talk or not to eat in front of other people. The more severe type will cause a person to feel fear each time when surrounded with others people.

Taking CBD oil is highly recommended in this case. Several studies discovered that when a person uses the oil, he gets better and more realistic self-evaluation. He is also more capable of fighting the pressure and can act normally in the society. For this benefit, a person will have to take a dose of the oil daily.

The final word

CBD for anxiety has been linked to the generic type of the disorder, but here we can see that it is capable of curing all other types as well. It is important to add that there are no side effects, regardless of the type of anxiety you want to treat! Furthermore, the first results are visible in a matter of days. All of the points and facts we included are tested and confirmed by studies!